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Trojan Hospitality

Specialists in lifestyle and wellness

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Our Mission

Elevate the art of living by offering the finest gourmet delicacies and premium spirits. We are dedicated to curating an exceptional lifestyle experience through our exquisite selection of caviar, truffles, truffle products, and world-class wines and spirits. 

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Sturion Caviar

Our brand, Sturion Caviar, embodies a legacy of a thousand years in caviar excellence, seamlessly integrating sturgeon breeding, farming, and processing at the highest standards.

Committed to crafting the world's most exquisite delicacies, we aspire to create a dignified journey of taste for gourmets worldwide.

Wine & Truffles

Still & Bubbly

Still & Bubbly proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for Vinakoper and Gold Istra, specializing in Istrian truffles and fine wines. We also work with other reputable brands such as Tartuflanghe and Di Martino.


In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering only the highest quality produce to our valued customers.


Our dedication shines through in every aspect of our service, from exceptional quality and exquisite flavor to outstanding customer service and ultimate satisfaction.


At Still & Bubbly, our passion for delivering the very best is evident in each product we offer, marking an experience defined by excellence.

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"Sturion Caviar logo - Specialists in premium Kaluga and Osetra caviar"

Thousand Year Legacy

Ossetra and Kaluga Caviar

Gold Istra logo - premium fresh truffles

Istrian Fine Foods

Carried under Still & Bubbly

  • Black and White Truffles

  • Truffle Products (Sauces, Creams and more)

Vinakoper-logo- wines and spirits

Fine Wines

Carried under Still & Bubbly

  • Istrian Wines

  • Other Speciality Wines

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Italian Fine Foods

Carried under Still & Bubbly

  • Black and White Truffles

  • Truffle Products (Chips, Pasta and more)

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Be The One

Hand Sanitizers & Surface Disinfection


Disinfectants for Life

Drinking Water & Waste
Water Treatment Products
General Surface Disinfectants

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2-in-1 Action

Insecticides & Pesticides

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The easy way to clean!

General Detergent Chemical

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